In Our Own Words; Towards Writing Our Own History…

3 comrades on Subversity Radio. Audio can be found here:

Participants of the February 24th sit-in, offer their stories:

Aida speaks:

As a UC student, I find it critical to not only graduate with a degree, but to become an enlightened citizen that utilizes the ability to not only think, but to question. As students, we have many unanswered questions that the administration has refused to answer–I refuse to sit in complacently as students of color and lower-economic status’ students and workers are continually exploited by the UC system. That’s why I chose to sit-in and refused to leave until our demands, our rights, were heard.

Whitney speaks:

This movement we are a part of is a necessity and not an aspiration. For me, sitting-in was a no-brainer; partly because we are paying to go to this University of California, and I refuse to fund a racist, anti-black, hetero-normative, sexist, classist institution. The fact that caring about other human beings is seen as “radical” is truly disturbing to me, and further proves to me the changes we are fighting for, need to be addressed. We will not be silenced in our efforts to create a space that truly promotes justice and equality for all people.

Ryan speaks:

I sat in with my 16 comrades because I believe our current system is unacceptable when speaking of social justice. The twelve demands offered to UCI administration are resolutions toward building a better community. People often ask why the demands are so broad, and which ones are more important. These demands are equally important across the board and broad because we believe in building a broad community that addresses the needs of every member in the community. I am proud of the coalition I am part of. We chose not to get up until ALL of our demands were met. Mutual respect and understanding of particular conditions. We share this community and we are choosing to struggle together to build our shared future.


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